I am in the library almost every day. Even so, this is not actually how I most often use the library. I am actually an avid user of the library’s digital collection and many people don’t even know it’s an option!

You can browse and check out available items from the library’s digital collection any time, day or night, and anywhere, whether you are at home or in Idaho.

This can be done with your computer or your phone, but if you are comfortable with apps the phone is probably the easiest and most portable option for audio books, which is what we are talking about today. I listen to audio books on my commute every day, and as long as I download them through WiFi first it uses NO DATA!

So, without further ado, here is how you can get audio books for your commute!Screenshot_20180130-155513

Go to your app store, search for Libby by Overdrive and install it on your phone. Once it is installed we can get started finding a book.


Hi Libby!


Tap “Find my Library.” She will try to locate your library by GPS or you can search for a location, this takes a few moments.

When the app has located a local library service it will ask you at the top of the screen ‘Is this your local library?’. At the bottom of the screen you will have an option to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

If it has located Ontario Library Service Consortium, press ‘Yes’. If it has located a different library service, press ‘No.’

If you have pressed ‘No’, a new screen will ask you if you want to search for your library service. Select this option and type “West Lincoln” in the box.

The app will automatically bring up matching libraries. Select the first option shown, ‘Ontario Library Service Consortium’.

When you find your library you will be asked if you have a library card. Screenshot_20180130-155856

Say “yes”! (If you don’t, just stop by your local library branch to get one for free!)


Select your library card from the list, lots of scrolling now, we need West Lincoln Public Library.

Enter your card and you are good to go, your card will be saved unless you choose to remove it. To get a book you can search, or browse until you find a title you are interested in.

Clicking the plus beside preferences will expand a menu.





I set the preferences for “Format” and Availability by tapping on the underlined words and selecting from the list. I chose only available audio books, but if you include titles that are not available, you can place a hold they will email you when the item is available.

Tap Apply preferences. Your preferences will be saved until you change them.

Find a title you like and tap on it. A new screen will load with the book and the word “Borrow” beneath it. Tap Borrow and a new screen will load.

Tap “borrow” again, then tap “go to shelf” to see everything you have out, tap “open audiobook” to start listening, or tap “keep browsing” to find more books. Your book(s) will be on your shelf until its due date and if you have WiFi it will start downloading right away.













When you tap “open audiobook” you will see a big play icon. You are all set to listen on the go!


Below is what your shelf looks like, it opens to the loans page so you can see what is out, but you can also explore the other tabs to view your holds and their wait times and more. Feel free to click about!


I just want to note one more thing. You will notice at the bottom of most pages there is an option that says shelf. This will take you to the page where your borrowed items are and can be read, listened to or returned. The library option across from it will take you back to the start page where you can find a new book. If you are get lost these can help you start over. Or you can give us a call at the library! We are happy to help!